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Who We Are
Nayak’s Hearing care clinic is a premier hearing health care clinic of the garden city of Bangalore. This center of excellence was founded by audiologist M.S.J Nayak in the year 1992. This center have so far helped 60000 hearing impaired persons to hear better. Our experience is measured by our commitment to patients satisfaction, continuing education & the application of current technologies .We understand that valve is not measured by prince alone. Rather how well we need your expectation for service quality of experience. We offer to you . The large no of clients who have availed our services are a testimony of our success.

Self-Test for Hearing Loss

Are you worried about your hearing? Do you have concerns about how your family or friend hears? Check for yourself how good is a person’s hearing compared to the companion. Read the instructions carefully and takes the test

  1. Keep paper and pen ready before taking the test.
  2. Two or more people must take this test at the same time.
  3. Must sit 6 to 7 feet away from computer /TV or mobile phone.
  4. Should not alter the volume of the test system after starting the test.
  5. The test contains many tones and word pairs (spondee such as black-board, kallu-mannu).
  6. During the test, count and write down the number of tones and word pairs heard.
  7. Compare your results by the number of tones and word pairs heard versus your companion.
  8. If you heard less than 10 tones and 10 word pairs or 50 % less than the better hearing person in your group you may have hearing problem. You may require professional help by an Audiologist .
Times Award


Times Award

  • I have great appreciation for the humane and frank approach you have towards the unfortunate persons who come to you for repairing and restoring the impaired hearing faculty, lost for some reason. Being one who approached you fore such help, I am provided with the best of services that a hearing specialist could give, more than the latest technology and modernised equipment you use, you have temperament that will endear any one to you. There is a charm in your smile and absolute transparency in your dealings, and purity in professionalism. I am also pleased to find that your colleagues in your centre have equal zeal to serve the ailing with a broad smile all through. Good luck to you all.


    K. Anantharamaiah Past District Governor.
  • MSJ Nayak is a sincere and honest audiologist. He gives humane touch to his professionalism. He sincerely tries to give the best to his clients. I am in touch with him for few years in connection of my hearing problem. He has been very helping and considerate. I wish him great success in his endeavor Swamy Sadathamananda .


    Arsha Vidya Kendra Trust
  • Dear Nayak, This is in appreciation of the very good work you are doing. I have watched with pleasure you help a hearing impaired person overcome his disability by using advanced equipment and techniques. Having approached you about my disability, through your service I saw myself develop renewed confidence in interacting in large groups. Your approach to help the suffering people without distinguishing on class and economic status is indeed praiseworthy. Your friendly talk , indeed your smile , gives a lot of confidence to people. The dedication and the intention to serve all types of people is indeed praiseworthy. You not only serve the suffering people at the clinic but also help to mitigate the suffering by arranging camps at remote places and thus serve the less fortunate people, who are not in a position to come to the city and get examined at the clinic. You have received honors by various organizations for your service, which you truly deserve. Wishing you all the best in your endeavors.


We at Nayak’s Hearing Care Clinic are simultaneously delighted and humbled to have won the prestigious TIMES HEALTHCARE ACHIEVERS BENGALURU 2018 Award for Excellence in Hearing Care. It's indeed the right moment to thank the 75000 PEOPLE with HEARING LOSS who have availed of our hearing care solutions and services to better their hearing and quality of life. This award wouldn't have come our way without the support of ENT and Medical fraternity as well as Hearing aid Manufacturers SIEMENS, Resound , Oticon, Phonak, WIDEX and Starkey.

We gratefully acknowledge the support of mentors, interns posted from Speech –Hearing institutions ; our past and current team of Audiologists - Speech Pathologists ; Indian Speech and Hearing Association and our families in building this organization over the past 26 years. This award spurs us to work harder and better.
Thank you all.
Team Nayak's Hearing Care Clinic.

Where We Are
Wilson Garden :
# 1/1, 12th Cross,
B'lore - 27.,
080 - 2223 7703 / 22100333
Indiranagar :
# 1308, Jeevan Bheema Nagar Main Road,
HAL 3rd Stage, B'lore - 75.
080 - 3291 3290 / 2527 8745

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Malleswaram :
Sree Eswara Seva Mandali Building,
11th Cross, Sampige Main Road,
B'lore - 03.
080 - 41152934
J.P Nagar :
# 250, Swamy Complex, 24 th Main, 2nd Phase,
Behind Bus Stop, B'lore-78.
080 - 3294 3293, 4207 5691
Banashankari :
# 276, 3rd Stage, 100 Feet Ring Road,
B'lore - 85.
080 - 3293 3292 / 42194251
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